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Notified Recruitment Rules of Various Posts in IA&AD
Complaints Committee
Tender Notices
List of Holidays -2015

Online Grievance Redressal
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Posting of Sr.DAO/DAO/DA

Guidelines on transfers and postings of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ Staff.
General Provident Fund 

Monthly Posting of Credits and Debits

This group maintains 1.4 lakh accounts of State Government employees. The monthly subscriptions of employees are recovered from salary and entered in separate schedules attached to salary bills. These schedules reach the AG office through treasuries and are used to post the subscriptions in subscriber accounts on the GPF software. The withdrawals from GPF are also posted on the same software from the treasury vouchers. An annual accounts slip is generated every year incorporating postings from April to March and shows the uppdated balance inclusive of interest. This is a provisional statement subject to correction of errors and omissions in the documents received by AG through treasuries. Corrections are carried out at the time of final payment and on representations from subscribers forwarded through their DDO.



Final Payment

Final payment cases on retirement/death are forwarded by DDOs with compulsory enclosures. The case is placed in a bundle of ten cases and these bundles are cleared one after another. After scrutinising the case for the entire service period, a final payment authority is issued to the Treasury, DDO and Subscriber accompanied by a calculation sheet.


Part I cases


Cases which are in que for taking first action in Part I in bundles of ten and the bundles are process one after another.


Part II cases

Cases which are not accompanied by all necessary information are transferred to Part II and letter is written to DDO and subscriber calling for information.

Part III cases

In some cases only a part of the balance is paid and case is transferred to Part III and letter is written to DDO and subscriber calling for information to make residual payment.


Part IV cases

In some cases, there is a minus balance after incorporating all credits and withdrawals and case is transferred to Part IV and DDO asked to recover the amount. Copy is sent to subscriber with calculation sheet so that any corrections can be pointed out through DDO.

Part V cases

Some case are transferred to Part V due to incomplete records, which are called for from AG office of Bhopal and Gwalior .


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